Town News and Views

April 2015

Volume 10, Issue 2


                                      Athabasca Town Council, Organizational Meeting, October 29, 2013
                                        (l-r) Councillors Steven Schafer, Tim Verhaeghe, Mayor Roger Morrill,
Councillors Tanu Tyszka-Evans, Nichole K. Adams, Shelly Gurba, Joanne Peckham.


Feature Stories   

Himalayan Balsam: Pretty Flower, Noxious Weed

Town Budget in Process

False Alarms can be costly

Spring Fire Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Town to Address Issue of Non-Permitted Signs

Household Appliance Round-Up Begins April 24

Town Acknowledged for Renewable Energy Initiative

Off-Leash Dog Park to Re-open in Athabasca

Community Grant Program

Committees of Council



Bylaw Notice:

Untidy Premises

Residents are reminded that with spring thaw, certain unsightly conditions may develop on their property and it is their responsibility to remedy the situation in a timely fashion.

For example, the Animal Control by-law indicates that property where pets are kept must be maintained in sanitary condition, including the cleanup of animal excrement.

Town by-laws and the Municipal Government Act provide guidelines regarding cleanup responsibilities. Where necessary, a municipality can take steps to clean up a property and charge the cost to the owner. Residents are encouraged to  deal with unsightly issues before this becomes necessary.

More by-law information is available on the Town website and at the Town Office.

Public invited to observe meetings

Members of the public are welcome to sit in and observe regular Town Council meetings and meetings of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC).

Unless otherwise posted, Town Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesday each month at 6:00 p.m. in the council chambers at the town office.

Meeting only as needs arise, the MPC meets at 5:30 p.m. the same night as a council meeting.

Dates and times of all regular council and MPC meetings are posted in advance at the town office.

To view Council meeting Agendas and Minutes click here. 




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