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…Total visits to the Town website increased by 35 per cent from mid August to the end of September.



Visitor traffic to Town website increases by one-third over six-week period


   As content on the Town website increases, so does the traffic. Town Councillor George Hawryluk was thrilled to learn that total visits increased by 35 per cent from mid August to the end of September, going from a tally of 35,579 in August to nearly 48,000 when checked on Oct. 2.

   “That is a substantial increase in interest about Athabasca,” says the councillor. “It would be safe to say that our initial goal of having the website become a community-oriented information vehicle has surpassed its expectations and is now picking up speed on its own.”

   Total homepage hits to date were 47,982. Out of more than 50 other pages to visit at the website, the top ten pages visited were:

·        Events Listing: 27,058

·        Living in Athabasca: 7,984

·        Visiting Athabasca: 6,736

·        Housing/Rental Property: 5,661

·        Town Administration: 4,477

·        Places to Stay: 4,163

·        Job Opportunities: 3,614

·        Recreation: 3,317

·        Trails and Walkways: 2,640

·        Community Facilities: 2,448


   Councillor Hawryluk expects that as more people become aware of the website and familiar with navigating through the pages, it will continue to increase in popularity as a valuable source of information and insight into the community.
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