RV Parking


Did You Know... Between October 1 and April 30, recreational vehicles cannot be kept in a front or side yard adjacent to a road in any Residential District in the Town of Athabasca.


RV parking now restricted in residential areas

Now that autumn has arrived and the summer holiday and camping season is behind us, it is time to move your recreational vehicle away from your yard and to a more appropriate location for the fall and winter months.

The Town of Athabasca Land Use Bylaw states, “No person shall keep or permit the keeping of a recreational vehicle in any part of a front or side yard adjacent to a road in any Residential District between October 1 and April 30 each year.”

The Bylaw does allow for a single recreational vehicle to be kept on the driveway or pad within a front yard or side yard of a residential parcel between May 1 and September 30 of each year.

The Bylaw identifies a recreational vehicle as a “Vehicle or Trailer that is designed, constructed and equipped, either temporarily or permanently, as a temporary accommodation for travel, vacation or recreational use and includes duly licensed trailers, motorized homes, slide in campers, chassis mounted campers and boats with sleeping facilities.”

If you have any questions about the Land Use Bylaw or your recreational unit, please call the Town Office at 780-675-2063.


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