Riverfront Update

Did You Know . . . After a few delays, work on phase one of the Athabasca Riverfront is proceeding, with an anticipated mid-September completion date.

Work began in May on the riverfront development Centennial project, but frequent rains sidelined the equipment, delaying the project.  Then work was halted until after the Magnificent River Rats Festival early in July and the Centennial Homecoming Weekend at the end of July.  The project is now continuing.

Riverfront Development Update

After a few unforeseen delays, work on the Athabasca Riverfront Development project is proceeding, with expectations that this phase of the project will be completed by mid-September.

Focusing on the area of the riverfront between 48 and 49 streets, phase one began in May and was scheduled to include basic grading of the area, asphalt, the parking and driving area, curb and gutter, water lines and storm sewer.

The intent was to have all of the work finished by July 1, prior to Canada Day festivities and the annual Magnificent River Rats Festival. Heavy and frequent rainfall interfered with the work, resulting in a delay of the project and a failure to meet the original completion date.

Following the July 1st weekend, it was decided to hold off on further riverfront work until after the Athabasca 2011 Centennial Homecoming Weekend scheduled for July 29-31. Many of the weekend’s events were planned to be held on the Town Common and across the area of the riverfront being developed.

Another potential hitch developed when contaminated soil was discovered in the development area; creosote deposits from the old railroad lines had to be cleaned up and hauled away. After this was done, work continued.

Following the successful completion of phase one of the project, further riverfront development is anticipated but will be subject to the results of next year’s Town budget deliberations.

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