Recycling Info and Tips

Did You Know ... Athabasca has an excellent recycling program. Recycling information and recommendations can be found on the website.

(l-r) Sylvia Mills, Ken Anderson and Vivian Strembesky, Athabasca transfer site operations staff,
demonstrate one of the sorting bays in the new addition at the recycling facility 

Recycling Tips and Information

Athabasca has excellent waste management and recycling programs and Town and regional residents are encouraged to support and promote recycling and participate wherever they can.

The Athabasca Regional Waste website provides plenty of information and recycling recommendations, tips and options covering all aspects of waste management and recycling.

Here are some tips for effective Blue Box recycling:

If clean and dry, the following materials are accepted in the Blue Box program: cardboard, boxboard, newspaper, magazines, office paper, tin cans, glass (unbroken), plastic bags, hard plastics, rechargeable batteries, ink-jet cartridges and refundable beverage containers. (Note: proceeds from refundables go to local non-profit groups.)

On collection day, you may put out:

  • 1 – Blue Box of unsorted items
  • 2 – Clear or blue bags of any sorted items
  • 1 – Bundle of cardboard and boxboard

Please tie bags, flatten boxes, place lids on the blue bins and keep the bin and bag weights below 20kg per bin or bag.

Blue Box and Recycling Tips

  • Flatten boxes to increase storage and handling efficiencies.

(Place in a bundle or place inside a large paper pet food bag.)

  • Place newspaper, magazines, can labels, gift wrap, phone books and any other soft cover books in a blue or clear bag.
  • Place shredded paper in double or heavy duty blue or clear bags to reduce breakage during handling.
  • Do NOT place broken glass in Blue Bins or bags.
  • Empty plastic bags and stuff more bags, wrap or film into a single bag, then tie the bag. (This increases storage space and reduces blowing bags.)
  • Rinse and squish plastic bottles and nest plastic tubs and pails.
  • Do NOT place recycling bin or materials by waste cart at the curb.

Grass Cuttings: Town of Athabasca residents can deliver grass cuttings to the Athabasca Compost Site free of charge. Village of Boyle residents can make use of the weekly collection program offered through the Village.

Please note: Grass and leaves are not acceptable in waste carts as this adds extra costs to the program in trucking and landfill tip fees.

Hazardous Waste Round-up: April 26, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Athabasca Recycle Facility

  • Visit the website for details on types of materials accepted and proper handling

Appliance Round-up Week: April 26 – May 4 at the Athabasca Recycle Facility

  • No fees, except for appliances with Freon

For more information about recycling in Athabasca and the full range of services available from the Athabasca Regional Waste Management Services Commission, please visit the Athabasca Regional Waste website.


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