Permit Fees Doubled

Did You Know... All permits must be in place prior to the start of any development in the Town of Athabasca. Failure to comply will result in a “stop work” order and the doubling of the cost of the permit fees.

Permit fees double for premature construction starts

In accordance with the Town of Athabasca Procedures For Development, before commencing any construction, whether residential, commercial or otherwise, all required permits must be obtained.

The procedures and permit requirements included in the Town’s Procedures For Development are in place to help ensure public health and safety as they relate to building, construction and development within the town.

Permits are required for building, electrical, gas and plumbing work.

Failure to have proper permits in place will result in a “stop work” order. Any costs incurred will be added to the cost of the permit. Permit fees will be doubled for any work that starts prior to the issuance of the required permits.

Development packages, including forms and information, are available at the Town Office or on the Town website at

Detailed information is in the package outlining the permit requirements and the applicable development fees.

The schedule of permit fees covers residential and commercial development, off-site levies, the performance guarantee (refundable), and the meter connection fee.

Fees are due and payable at the time application is made. Permit applications will not be accepted until such time as payment of fees has been received.

Other fees may be applicable in the categories of Amendments (for example, to the Land Use Bylaw or the Municipal Development Plan), Compliance Certificates, Agreements (encroachment or development agreements), and the provision of Document Copies. Each of these is further explained in the Procedures for Development package.

As public health and safety is of the highest concern, occupancy of a building is not authorized until a final occupancy permit is issued by the Development Authority Officer, subject to the receipt of all necessary inspections and permits noting no deficiencies.

Visit the Town website, or contact the Town Office for more information.

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