Did You Know ... As a follow up to the Town’s Sustainability Plan, Council and Administration are working on a draft Municipal Development Plan and draft Land Use Bylaw.


Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw under review

In March of this year, Town Council finalized and approved the Town of Athabasca Sustainability Plan (TASP), a detailed document developed with guidance from Jane Dauphinee, a planner with Municipal Planning Services (Alberta) Ltd., and extensive input from members of the community.

As a follow up to the Sustainability Plan, Town Council and Administration are now working with Jane to rewrite both the Town’s Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw. The Sustainability Plan serves as a blueprint to inform these two support documents.

“The Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw are currently being reviewed and we hope to have draft documents ready by early fall to be presented for public awareness,” states Doug Topinka, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Athabasca.

The purpose of the TASP is to give the community a shared action plan for building a sustainable, common future. It will help direct decisions and development in an integrated and collaborative way.

Revisions to the Municipal Development Plan and to the Land Use Bylaw will be consistent with applicable objectives and policies that have been identified and clearly outlined in the TASP.

To help with the review and revision process, a public meeting was held in March where community stakeholders and other interested individuals provided additional input from a community perspective.

Once the draft documents are ready for public presentation, a date will be set and the public will receive advance notice.

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