Home Based Businesses

Did you know . . . Your home-based business probably needs a development permit and a license.

Development permit may be required for home-based business

If located in Athabasca, your home-based business probably needs a development permit and a license. Operators may not realize it, but regulations require that such documentation be in place for any home-based business activity. This includes a home-based office claiming a tax deduction.

Information governing home businesses in Athabasca is available at the Town office. Interested parties are encouraged to review the application process before beginning any home-based business activity.

Overview of the process

Land Use By-Law: Home Occupations

· Prospective operators are invited to review the “Home Occupations” information in the Town Land Use By-Law, available at the Town Office. A convenient list outlining the steps to take to obtain a Development Permit is also available on request.

Development Permit Application Form

· This form is to be completed by the applicant and signed by the property owner. The form indicates that a change of use of the property is occurring; that the property is not strictly for residential use any more.

· A minimum fee of $50 plus an administration cost of $10 is required.

Declaration of Home Based Business Operator Form

· This form is to be signed by the Owner/Operator of the business and witnessed by a Town employee

Home Occupation Business Information Form

· Business name and name(s) of principal(s) of the business

· Type of business

· Amount of traffic and business-related visits per day anticipated

· Number of employees

· Relative comments, other pertinent details

Upon completion, the Development Permit application form and supporting documentation is forwarded to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for review and approval.

Neighbouring property owners are notified and have 14 days to express their opinion regarding the proposed home occupation.

Upon MPC approval and no objections from neighbouring property owners, a Business License will be issued at a cost of $100.00.

Business licences are to be renewed each calendar year. Operators are advised to notify the Town of any changes in the home occupation development.

Development permits and business licenses for home occupations are revocable at any time by the MPC if the use is or has become detrimental to the amenities of the neighbourhood in which the home-based office or business is located.

Home occupations are no longer in force when the applicant vacates the property for which the permit has been issued.

Information readily available

The complete list of Home Occupation regulations and special provisions is listed in By-Law 01-01, available from the Town Office.

For more information on home-based business in the Town of Athabasca, please click on the links above or contact the Town Office, 675-2063.

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