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Did You Know ... While research continues, no specific timelines have been set for a proposed Highway 55/813 redesign.


(top photo) Alan Buchanan, of Stantec Consulting, points out elements of the proposed Highway 55/813 interchange redesign during an open house held at the Athabasca Regional Multiplex on March 3.
(bottom photo) One of numerous poster boards on display during the highway interchange open house providing information relative to the proposed changes.

Highway 55/813 Interchange still in planning stage

While research and discussion continue, no specific timelines have been set for a proposed Highway 55/813 redesign.

The purpose of the redesign is to address slope instability along the south Athabasca River Valley and it seems to be generally accepted by all parties involved that certain issues must be addressed before the project can proceed.

Planners are aware of concerns expressed by some residents for the effect a proposed Tawatinaw River realignment may have on fish and fish habitat.

Other residents are interested in knowing what effect a redesign of the highway will have on traffic flow, in particular, large trucks turning north at the interchange.

Alan Buchanan, an engineer and senior associate with Stantec Consulting, the company hired by Alberta Transportation to oversee the project, explains that planners are looking for appropriate and effective solutions to the outstanding issues.

“We’re trying to manage risk,” says Alan. “We have some issues here and we want to provide reasonable solutions. We want to try to accommodate everything that can reasonably be done.”

Alan and other Stantec representatives were present at a public information session held at the Athabasca Regional Multiplex on March 3 where updated interchange design plans were on display.

Research for this project dates back to 1974 when a study of the south Athabasca River Valley was done. Monitoring of that section of the river valley began in 1996. Initial redesigned interchange plans were presented in 2001. The current proposal has a lower anticipated cost than previous proposals.

Further research and discussion will continue before any definite decisions are made as to specific construction timelines for the Highway 55/813 interchange project.

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