Forestry Resolution

Did You Know ... Concerned for the forest industry in this region, the Town joined with other Alberta municipalities to lobby the provincial government for more support for the industry.

Mayor Powell presents forestry resolution at AUMA convention

Municipalities across the province are taking action to show their support for the forest industry and the Town of Athabasca is no exception.

Athabasca Mayor Colleen Powell attended the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) convention, held in Calgary in November, where she and Village of Boyle Mayor Bob Clark presented a resolution in support of the forest industry. Moved by the Town and seconded by the Village, the resolution passed without debate.

“An almost identical resolution was presented to the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) by Athabasca County,” notes Colleen. “Thus, every municipality in Alberta supports this resolution. This sends a very strong message to the Government of Alberta.”

Having the forestry resolution accepted at the AUMA convention was an important step towards winning greater provincial support for the industry as solidarity shown by AUMA members does carry weight with the provincial government.

“The AUMA is taken very seriously by the Government,” says Colleen. “Any resolution passed by the AUMA becomes an action item and this resolution asked for the AUMA to lobby the Government on issues raised in the resolution.”

The resolution asks the provincial government to act on recommendations presented in a Forest Industry Competitive Strategy (FICS) report; to help with research and development to develop and enhance alternative technologies, as well as help with commercializing and publicizing these; and to work with the federal government to help lobby against American subsidies.

Colleen notes that the resolution presented by Athabasca County to the AAMDC also emphasized help with the transportation system.

The expectation is that through these resolutions, the provincial government will clearly understand the value and importance the forest industry has to Alberta municipalities.

“The entire industry is in crisis and we felt that the importance of this industry had to be highlighted,” Colleen explains. “We hope that the forest industry will be put on a level playing field with other major industrial sectors in Alberta.”

From the AUMA, the forestry resolution will go to Ted Morton, Minister of Sustainable Resources, to senior civil servants in his department, and to other members of cabinet.

Mayors who have forest industry in or near their communities met with the Minister while at the AUMA convention, but no formal response has yet been received with regards to the forestry resolution.

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