Farmers' Market

Did You Know ...Town Council recently approved a one-time contribution of $2,500 to help and encourage the Athabasca Farmers’ Market.

Local Farmers’ Market encouraged by Town Council

Athabasca Farmers' Market members (L-R) Yvonne McDermid (Market Manager), Bonnie Badry and Cindy Bell love the 
Riverfront location where they set up every Saturday through to mid-September along with other members of the group.

Town Council recently approved a one-time contribution of $2,500 to support and encourage the Athabasca Farmers’ Market. The group also received a matching donation from Athabasca County.

“Representatives from the Farmers’ Market made a presentation to Town Council and Council supported it,” says Town chief administrative officer Ryan Maier. “Members of Council felt it was an event that drew people to town and to the Riverfront. The Town’s contribution was a good way to support the community and the surrounding area.”

During the summer months, until mid-September, the market runs every Saturday at the Athabasca Riverfront (across from Buy-Low Foods). The mix of vendors can change from week to week and the numbers are growing as more people recognize the opportunity to show off their locally produced and handcrafted wares.

Yvonne McDermid, Market Manager for the Athabasca market, hopes to see it develop into a social event.

“It’s working,” says Yvonne. “More vendors are joining us, we’re bringing people out and we’re filling a need in the community; we’re bringing the community together.”

She appreciates the Riverfront setting as it is central in town and it allows great visibility for the market. “It is a gorgeous location,” she says.

On any given Saturday, visitors may find a selection of baked goods, canning, fresh produce and a variety of crafts and handy work.

“Our vendors want to share their talents and what they produce with the community,” Yvonne explains. “There is a need to have locally grown produce available as an alternative to produce from other countries. Being an Athabasca market, you appreciate that it’s made, baked, grown by the vendors.”

She invites community members and visitors to come down to the Riverfront on Saturdays through the summer to check out the variety and selection and to support local producers.

Anyone interested in becoming a vendor at the Athabasca Farmers’ Market is welcome to contact Yvonne at 780-675-4398. “We are always looking for more vendors,” she says.

After mid-September, the market will move indoors, the location to be announced.


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