Development Permits for Signs

Did You Know ... Development permits are required for signs. Complete regulations governing the erection, relocation or structural alteration or enlargement of signs can be found in the Town Land Use Bylaw.

Development permits needed for signs

A Town of Athabasca development permit is required for any sign erected, relocated or structurally altered or enlarged in the town, election signs included. Regulations governing signs can be found in the Town Land Use Bylaw (Part 8.39) on the Town website or at the Town Office.

The regulations outline the requirements for signs mounted on buildings or developments and for off-site, discretionary use signs. There are some permit exemptions, as noted in the bylaw.

Elements of a proposed sign taken into consideration before a development permit is issued may include, but may not be limited to, the position of the sign, its size, shape, colour, format, illumination and sight line in relation to the building or features of the building.

A wide variety of sign types are covered in the guidelines, including A-frame, canopy, freestanding, portable, projecting, roof, wall and inflatable signs.

Specifics are also given for signs in or adjacent to Residential Districts and signs for Institutional uses and Shopping Centres.

For complete details regarding the necessary development permits for signs in the Town of Athabasca, please read Part 8.39 in the Town Land Use Bylaw on the Town website, or contact the Town Office.


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