Development Permits have Tripled

Development permits have tripled

    Over the past five years, development permits in the Town of Athabasca have steadily increased from 29 issued in 2001 to a high of 85 in 2005. Safety codes permits, covering building, electrical, plumbing and gas, increased over the same period from 78 to 236.

   While development permits for new multiple family residential units dropped to three in 2005, as compared to seven in 2004, permits for new single family residential units rose to 21, up significantly from nine the previous year. Permits for manufactured homes also increased, with seven in 2005 compared to four in 2004.

   Equally notable was the increase in the number of permits for institutional, commercial and industrial developments, with the total rising from six in 2004 to 15 in 2005.

    The increase of total development permits from 76 in 2004 to 85 in 2005 and total safety codes permits from 179 in 2004 to 236 in 2005 is an encouraging indicator that Athabasca is on the move.

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