Compost Material

Did You Know . . . Compostable material must not be burned in backyard fire pits; it should be taken to the Athabasca Compost Site, (east of the Athabasca Bridge).

Avoid burning compostable material in your backyard

Signs at the Athabasca Compost Site tell what materials are accepted and where to place them.

While it may seem convenient to burn compostable material such as leaves, tree trimmings and grass clippings in your backyard fire pit, this practice is strongly discouraged.

Not only does the smoke and odour from such material cause a potential nuisance to neighbours, it can also be a fire hazard.

The most appropriate way for Town residents to dispose of compostable material is to haul it to the Athabasca Compost Site, located near the east end of the Athabasca Bridge. Compostable material will not be picked up with regular household trash.

The Compost Site is presently being kept open to the public 24 hours a day to accommodate residents who may not be able to haul material in the daytime.

Acceptable compost materials include leaves, grass clippings and garden refuse.

Acceptable chipping materials include trees, tree limbs and brush.

Signs at the site will indicate what materials are accepted and where they are to be placed.

Items not to be dropped off at the site include building materials, household trash and plastic. Only compostable and chipping material is allowed.

The Town asks that residents respect the rules so the site can remain open 24 hours a day for the benefit of all residents.

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