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Did You Know ... Town Council has adopted a new policy designed to help improve communication in the community when traffic disruption occurs due to construction.

Communication Plan – Traffic Disruption

Responding to concerns expressed by citizens in the Town of Athabasca, Town Council has adopted a new policy designed to help improve communication between the Town and those most affected when traffic disruption is imminent due to construction.

The new “Communication Plan – Traffic Disruption” policy provides an outline of who is to receive notification, when and how, in the event of construction-related traffic disruption.

Adopted during the regular meeting of Council on Dec. 1, the process has been formalized to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to contact and advise potentially affected individuals of the anticipated inconvenience.

Policy Statement

The purpose of this Plan is to ensure that when construction will result in a disruption of traffic, any resident, business or institution in the immediate area of the construction is notified.

Guidelines and Procedures

1) At the beginning of the construction season any business, resident or institution in the immediate area will be mailed a letter describing the project, the estimated time of commencement and the estimated completion date


2) If the start of work date is known, anyone who may be affected will be advised at least two (2) weeks in advance by mail


3) If the start date cannot be easily determined, anyone in the immediate area who may be affected by the work will receive notification as soon as the start date is known. They will receive one of:

    a) a visit from Town staff

    b) a telephone call and/or a letter/email advising of the start date and the anticipated end date.

4) Project information will be posted on the Town’s website.

To review a copy of the Communication Plan – Traffic Disruption policy, please contact the Town Office.

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