Centennial Park

Did You Know... A local church congregation has presented the Town with an offer to purchase Centennial Park. After reviewing a quote on the cost to get the land appraised, Council is now deciding on how to proceed.


The Town has received an offer to purchase the land occupied by the Knights of Columbus Centennial Park, located directly south of the old Pleasant Valley Lodge.

Council considers Centennial Park Offer to Purchase


A local church congregation has presented the Town of Athabasca with an offer to purchase Centennial Park. The park, located on land south of the former Pleasant Valley Lodge, is currently maintained by the Knights of Columbus.


Keith Guay, representing the Athabasca Reformed Congregation, attended the regular meeting of Council on November 2 to provide Council with additional information regarding the Offer to Purchase.


Keith told Council that having put in a successful bid to purchase Pleasant Valley Lodge from the previous owner, the Athabasca Reformed Congregation plans to renovate the building to serve the needs of the congregation. The plans include adding on to the building, he said, and developing some additional parking.


He noted that a route through Centennial Park would provide better access to the driveway of the facility. “It would enhance what we are doing,” said Keith.


If the Town sells the land to the Reformed Congregation, the congregation will take over maintenance of Centennial Park from the Knights of Columbus. It will remain as a park because the land is not suitable for development due to its location on the hill.


Before making a decision, Council asked Town administration to investigate the cost of getting the land appraised to determine the market value of the property.


The quote to do the appraisal has been received and Council is now deciding whether or not to authorize the appraisal and how best to proceed with the Offer to Purchase.

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