Campground Trees

Did You Know . . . A variety of trees and shrubs from Athabasca’s now closed Riverside Campground have been relocated to other areas of town.

Recently planted trees along 34 Street in Athabasca were relocated from the now closed Riverside Campground.

Campground trees relocated

Riverside Campground in Athabasca has now been permanently closed to accommodate the needs of the Highway 55/813 interchange redesign project being initiated by Alberta Transportation.

When interchange construction begins, the existing flora in the former campground will be affected, so a decision was made by the Town to save some of the trees and shrubs and relocate then to other areas of town to help fill in some areas with no growth.

A number of trees have been replanted along 34 Street directly in front of the Aspen Health Services building, the Athabasca RCMP detachment and the Athabasca Community Chapel funeral home. Trees and shrubs have also been relocated to a spot near the riverfront, east of Extra Foods.

Alternative campground open for business

The Town’s alternative camping area, located directly across the river, was refurbished and put back into service in time for Canada Day and Magnificent River Rats Festival celebrations early in July. More than two dozen camping stalls of varying sizes are available. Electricity and water services are not available at the campground.

Originally designated as an overflow area to provide backup for the now closed Riverside Campground, the alternative site will serve as a temporary location until a new camping area is developed to replace Riverside. A location to the east of the Tawatinaw River, along the Athabasca River, is being considered.

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