Bulletin boards & online calendar

Town Councillor George Hawryluk inspects two new public message centres in downtown Athabasca.

New message centres help keep community connected


   Community bulletin boards have been placed around town for Athabasca and area residents to post events and notices. One is on 50 St. between Northern Lakes College and the Alberta Treasury Branch. Another is on 49 St. next to the post office.

   The 50 St. board is traditional in style with broad surfaces on both sides to tack notices. It has a peaked canopy to help shield posted material from the weather. The west side of the bulletin board faces 50 St. for maximum exposure to the passing public.

   The 49 St. “board” sports a more contemporary style. Tall and cylindrical in shape, this unique message centre is black with a stylized circular cap. It is proving to be an effective eye-catcher.

   The two new message centres are provided by the Town as a service to help keep members of the community connected. Groups and individuals are encouraged to post local, current events and public notices, and are equally encouraged to remove the notices when their event is over.

   Please deposit expired material in appropriate receptacles to help keep the town looking great.

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