Athabasca River - Obed Mountain Mine Site Update

NEWS – (Update) Athabasca River – sediment release from Obed Mountain Mine Site

The Aspen Regional Water Services Commission (ARWSC) in conjunction with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and Alberta Health, continue to monitor the sediment release into the Athabasca River from the Obed Mountain Mine Site.

Based on ongoing water tests for sediment in the water, ARWSC closed the water intake valve from the Athabasca River on Sunday, November 10.  The ARWSC is now using water from an on-site, raw water storage reservoir until conditions improve in the Athabasca River.  As previously announced, this will continue until the sediment passes.

Water testing will continue to determine when the sediment release has passed.  Water from the on-site reservoir is being treated to meet drinking water regulatory standards for local municipal drinking water systems.

The Aspen Regional Water Services Commission (ARWSC), Town of Athabasca and Athabasca County are working together  to monitor the situation and will provide further updates should there be any change in status, or as new information becomes available.

Sherritt Coal Update - Obed Mountain Website Created

Sherritt Coal has provided an information update outlining the measures the company is taking following the breach and subsequent sediment release from a containment pond that occurred on October 31, 2013.

The update is posted on a company website that has been created to help with the transfer of information in regards to the sediment release –

The company has set up an information line and email address to respond to questions from the community:   1-855-650-6233 and

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013 - 2:20pm

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