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Did You Know... The Atha-Facts booklet, available at the Town Office, is a treasure trove of helpful resource recommendations and contact information for local services, facilities, organizations and more.


Facts: What do you need to know today?


There is a handy resource available from the Town Office that is filled with informative and helpful details all about Athabasca. Newcomers to town and existing residents alike will find the Atha-Facts booklet to be a treasure trove of resource recommendations and contact information for local services, utilities, facilities, groups, organizations and much more.


So, what do you need to know today?


If you are looking for Town information, you will find details about local government, population, climate, transportation and utilities.


Are you wondering about other municipal services, like building and development, building inspections, business licenses, by-law enforcement, economic development contacts, fire department, R.C.M.P., and recycling facilities? You will find detailed information about these and more in the booklet.


Perhaps you have need for a chiropractor, dental care, optometrist or other medical service? The Atha-Facts booklet provides contact information for these services along with a variety of others, like day care, churches, realty services, service clubs and associations, tourism and more.


The Atha-Facts booklet is a complimentary resource available on request either on its own, or as part of a more comprehensive Welcome Package assembled for the benefit of newcomers to town. The larger package includes maps, brochures and other materials highlighting notable features in Athabasca.


Since you are reading this article online, you may also want to browse around the Town of Athabasca website where you will be able to find much of the same information contained in the Atha-Facts booklet.


Whether you refer to the booklet or the Town website, you are sure to find helpful resources and contact information for many of the services and amenities you seek in Athabasca. If you have any questions, please contact the Town Office.

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