30% of property in Town is Tax Exempt

Tax-exempt institutions contribute to community

About 30% of the property in the Town of Athabasca is exempt from property tax. Included in the exemption are institutions such as schools, Athabasca University, churches, Athabasca Healthcare Centre and other facilities like Athabasca Extendicare. Although exempt by law from municipal taxes, they do pay utilities based on usage.

   Local tax-exempt institutions serve the entire region, benefiting residents of both the town and the county, and they provide much to the community in volunteerism and social and cultural benefits.

   While no municipal taxes are collected from exempt institutions, services such as snow removal, street sweeping and other direct frontage services are still provided by the Town, covered by Town taxpayers. Users of the institutions benefit from all general expenditures on main street snow removal, walkways, parks, roads, benches, public buildings and related services.

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