2013 Town Capital Budget

Did You Know ...Council has approved the Town’s 2013 Capital Budget with projects totalling $1,098,861.

2013 Capital Budget approved

Town Council has approved the Town of Athabasca 2013 Capital Budget with projects totalling $1,098,861.

“This budget is a little less ambitious than some previous ones,” notes Town chief administrative officer Ryan Maier. “With it being election year, we wanted to watch our bottom line and keep our spending in line. The new Council may have a different perspective on the priorities.”

Public Works will focus on some street paving and patching, some sidewalk work, and a gravel road reconstruction project, all totalling $338,000.

In the Water category, a new SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system will be installed to monitor and control the town water distribution system ($500,000); Wood Heights Road servicing is anticipated ($60,000); and a sewer lagoon project is expected to take place ($5,000).

In the Community category, $40,000 is budgeted for the Riverfront Sidewalk; $50,000 for a Riverfront Fountain; and $22,400 to finish the Athabasca Lions' playground on the Riverfront.

Included in Recreation are Multiplex Capital ($23,987), Swimming Pool ($10,000), and Sports Fields ($32,019).

Administration is budgeting $17,455 for a copier.

Not all of the budgeted projects will necessarily come to pass.

“There are a couple of projects in the budget, if we don’t go through with them, then we will save some money,” notes Ryan.

No additional projects are expected outside of those listed in the budget.


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